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Luke at Me

March 19, 2006
Contact: PHJ Webmaster
Luke At Me dies tragically....

~ March 17th, 2006 ~
With heartfelt sympathy we regret to announce the tragic death of Luke At Me. Luke died Friday, morning turned out in his pen after some complications with his normal collection session, at Happy Valley Ranch in Mayer, Arizona March 17th, 2006.

Luke was a well-loved Congress and World Champion Hunter Under Saddle stallion. He was also All Time Leading NSBA Sire of English money earners. He will be sorely missed.

It would be great if our readers would please send condolences to His owners: Ray Roles and Nancy Sue Ryan this is a very hard loss for them, and details are being worked out about rebreeds, etc which will be will be posted at a later date.

Now is a time to Please remember them in prayer. NancySue has been through a horrific year. As you may know, her dear vet and friend, Sharon Gaston is still in a coma (since January 1st) from an injury inflicted trying to help her horse escape the fires that were threatening Show Stop Farms in Nocona, Texas.

Then, just recently, a tornado swept past the outskirts of Nancy Sue's ranch and blew out some windows in her barn and trailer. Two horse's were injured, in the storm, one fatally.

When we talked to Nancy Sue, we couldn't help but feel the pain of her series of losses, yet be proud of her for continuing to press on and look for the good in life, which will necessarily include her other fine stallion, Fabuluke. If you have a minute, send her a word of encouragement via email or a note in the mail. Even flowers would be nice in the wake of this most unfortunate loss. Luke died before being collected for her own mares that day. Her conventional mail address is Nancy Sue Ryan, 2581 N. Greenbrier, Nocona, TX 76255.

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