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Okay, so... there's a horse in my barn for sale, and I posted it on on the "equestrian" community, and then someone had the audacity to link to it on the "bad_riding" community... where people proceeded to completely bash western pleasure, as well as Quarter Horses in general.  Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7PnxrJakio (He's only been ridden 5x since August or September, and clearly needs a little tuning up, BUT he's still pretty decent.  He has a tendency to drop his shoulder and fall apart a little at the lope, especially going to the left, but he has over 30 AQHA points with very limited showing).  Anyway, here's the post where all the bashing occured: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_riding/44374.html

Including me, there were only THREE people defending WP and QH's in general... and a few that were borderline.  I'm not asking anyone to add fuel to the fire, but I was just wondering what you guys all thought about this.  I know it's best to just ignore it (which I have), but it's extremely frustrating.  That community is made up of people who are full of stereotypes and most likely have never even been on a pleasure horse in their life.  WP is often the victim of slander and misconstrued ideas made by biased people who have no idea what the sport is really about... how do you deal with comments like those?
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