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westernpleasure's Journal

Western Pleasure Riders
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A community for those of you who show in Western Pleasure or are just interested in this equestrian discipline! Also about western riding in general. Trail rides, gmykhana, rodeo stuff... anything to do with western riding is welcome here!

Maintained by: missalex

Please...remember these rules...
1) No rude comments or entries.
2) Please, use your entries in the community to talk about Western Horses, Horses, and/or Western Pleasure. Not being discriminative against any other riding styles, but this is community is called Western Pleasure-don't talk about showjumping or dressage, etc.
3)All pics or long entires under lj-cut please.
5) Be friendly & have fun, don't be shy-if you have questions, ask them!

Many thanks to usefulidiot907 for the community's icon!